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Personal Taxes (T1)

We prepare all types of personal taxes, back tax filings, amended tax filings.


When it comes to your income tax, you want someone with a knowledge based background in the field that has experienced thousands of different kinds of tax returns suiting each individual clients needs.

Our team at Paul Gupta & Associates works towards getting you the greatest return possible, by checking your payments and correctly classifying your debits and credits. A few items we specialize in with regards to Personal Taxes are:

  • Planning to minimize taxes

  • Making sure your return is in order with national and international tax laws

  • Rental Properties

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Offshore tax planning

  • Late Filers, filing for previous years

  • Retirement Planning

Canadian income taxes are getting more complex every year.

Investing in a relationship with a professional tax expert will provide benefits on a number of levels, including minimizing your tax liabilities, taking advantage of tax benefits, and reducing the stress of having to ‘know it all’ about your tax return.

We also think long-term, all year round, beyond this year's return.

Canadian adults file a tax return every year of their lives. Although this year’s tax filing is a ‘reporting’ of the past (ie. what happened to you last year), it also impacts your future.

When we work with you, we come to understand the dreams you have for the future.

We listen to your goals and help you understand how your taxes impact those goals.

We work with you to create long-term, forward thinking strategies that will get you closer to your goals, faster.

If we use minors or adult children for income splitting, we want to file their taxes as well even if their income is below the threshold to file.

The reason is that filing creates rrsp contribution room for them for future use and may even create a little cpp contribution for them for their future benefit.

Also ensures that all draws from corps are accounted for.

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