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Our Areas of Service

Moving from Dubai to Canada?

Choose Paul Gupta & Associates for expert guidance. With 32 years of experience, we specialize in simplifying complex tax transitions.

From securing Canadian residency to smoothly exiting Canada, we've got you covered. Our team handles essential forms like T1135 and T1134, ensuring compliance with foreign asset and income regulations.

Concerned about tax-free earnings in Canada? We'll provide clarity and tailored strategies.

Leaving Canada? Be prepared for exit tax implications. Our insights will streamline the process.

Trust us to make your Dubai to Canada transition seamless. With our expertise, your financial journey is in good hands.

Why Use Us for Non-Residents?

With 32 years of expertise, Paul Gupta & Associates specializes in assisting individuals immigrating to and departing from Canada. We streamline the complexities of taxation upon entry and exit, guiding you through the process efficiently.

We're well-versed in filing forms T1135 and T1134 for foreign assets or income. Whether you're moving to Canada or leaving, our tailored advice ensures compliance with tax regulations and maximizes your financial position.

We provide clarity on tax implications, debunking misconceptions about tax-free earnings. Plus, we offer insights on exit tax requirements for those leaving Canada.

Count on Paul Gupta & Associates for expert guidance and support throughout your immigration or emigration journey, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal hassle.

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