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If you’re looking for specific forms to submit to us or bring into the office during your next visit, you can view them here:

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The Annual Return is required to keep the federal corporation information accurate and up-to -date with the federal government. If Annual Returns are not filed each year after the 2nd anniversary of missed Annual Return filings, the corporation will be cancelled for non-compliance.

Every business corporation has to file its annual return with Corporations Canada every year. Filing an annual return avoids the potential dissolution of the corporation.

The CPP provides income replacement to contributors and their families in the event of retirement, disability or death.

(CPSO) regulates the practice of medicine in Ontario. Physicians are required to be members to practise medicine in Ontario.

The Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA )'s mandate is to: administer tax, benefits, and related programs, and to ensure compliance on behalf of governments across Canada, thereby contributing to the ongoing economic and social well-being of Canadians.

Use this form to apply for the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB), to register your children under the age of 19 for the goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit, or both.

A corporation key is a password. The corporation number along with a corporation key allows you to complete some online transactions. A corporation key is mandatory to file an annual return and individuals with significant control information for businesses incorporated under the CBCA.

Dye & Durham Corporation is a leading provider of legal software and data and payments technology solutions designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity for legal and business professionals

The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is a monthly payment you can get if you are 65 or older. The Supplement is based on income and is available to Old Age Security pensioners with low income. It is not taxable

IRS forms are documents that individuals and businesses use to report all financial activities to the federal government for purposes of calculating their tax liability.

The Old Age Security (OAS) program is one of the cornerstones of Canada's public retirement income system. The OAS program provides a base upon which individuals can add income from other sources to address their specific financial circumstances.

The Ontario Business Registry allows businesses and not-for-profit corporations to complete over 90 transactions online, including registering, incorporating, and updating their information.

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