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Corporate Taxes (T2)

We prepare all types of Canadian /provincial tax returns/amended tax returns/back tax filings.


A corporate return is always more sophisticated than a personal return, mainly because of all the other key aspects that flow along with running a successful business. A few items we at Paul Gupta & Associates cover in regards to your corporate return are:

  • Compliance Services

  • Preparing corporate income tax and information returns, tax estimates and installments

  • Filing tax elections

  • Accounting services for income taxes

  • Preparing T4s and T5s

  • Tax reporting for partnerships, joint ventures, commercial mutual funds and other business structures

  • Corresponding with the federal and provincial authorities on your behalf

  • Improving your internal tax processes

  • GST/HST filings

  • Corporate Tax Planning

  • Identifying tax opportunities in your business to minimize taxes

  • Reviewing the effectiveness of your business structures

  • Advising on the tax implications of proposed transactions

  • Assisting with corporate reorganizations, asset transfers, amalgamations and wind-ups

  • Reviewing shareholders’ agreements

We also specialize in IT professionals that incorporate a company and work on a subcontract basis.

It pays to get your business books ‘accountant ready’.

If you have a corporation, we’ll prepare your books and get them ‘accountant ready’ for annual tax return preparation – saving your accountant time and you money!

Tax Preparation Services For The Life of Your Business

From start-up to retirement and/or the sale of your business, our tax professionals can help you plan properly and mitigate tax liabilities. Our experience crosses all areas of personal and corporate taxation, helping business owners feel confident that their ‘full financial picture’ is considered in any strategic decisions.

Year Round Service

We work with you all year long as part of your business and tax management team. We interact and communicate with your lawyers and financial planners to ensure that all aspects of your corporate tax position are streamlined.

Other details

If you have a corporation, we’ll prepare your books and get them ‘accountant ready’ for annual tax return preparation – which will save you on the corp filing fee as their will be less adjustments for us to make.

It is very important when self employed to keep in constant touch with your accountant throughout the year to avoid penalties/interest and late filing.

Also will help to keep you on a straight line and catch wrongdoings before it is too late.

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